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Prototyping your ideas

VIKAL will help you with the first steps in realising your dreams

Internet of Things

Hype or future? Vikal brings common sense to the Internet of Things.

Industrial Automation

Will automation bring you business value or a lot of cost and frustration? Find out with limited investment and minimal risk.

Web Services

Planning to open up your business to the internet? Vikal can support you with the needed Web Services

Internet of Things

Is the Internet of Things (IoT) just another hype, another marketing buzz word? Or is it really going to live up to its promise and bring amazing applications and fundamentaly change our lives? Vikal can bring common sense to the possibilities of IoT for your business today and make sure you are ready for the distruptive changes that will follow. Connected IoT devices can give your business the data needed to streamline work flows, predict necessary maintenance, analyse usage patterns, automate manufacturing, and more. Vikal can develop hardware and software for customized IoT solutions and prototypes.

Industrial Automation

Whether you require manufacturing process automation, or solutions for infrastructure tasks, Vikal Engineering can be a major contributor in helping to increase your productivity. We can show you that automation doesn't has to be a costly and frustrating experience. With incremental design and prototyping we can provide maximum flexibility and minimal risk.

Web Services

Do you want to connect your business to the internet or implement online services to add efficiency to your key business processes? Vikal can bring you the competence and skills to provide tailor-made Web Services, designed to your specifications. With our strong background in back-end and front-end software development and using the latest technology we can quickly get your Web Services up and running.


Are you looking for opportunities to optimize your work flows, manufacturing processes or infrastructure tasks but you don't know where to start? Or do you have an old automation system in place and plan to replace or upgrade it to the latest technology? Heard about the Internet-of-Things but you are not sure what it can do for your business?

Vikal can help you with these question with our consultancy service and explore the possibilities together with you. We will analyze your requirements, propose a high level solution with an indication of the needed budget and a risk assessment.


Sometimes new and innovative ideas have clear and straightforward business cases and can be realized with standard available solutions. But often the business case is not that obvious. Especially if it concerns ideas in new or unknown markets, with new technology. The risks can be high and the Return on Investment can be difficult to assess. In these situations it is good to first build a prototype or Minimal Viable Product (MVP) to test the idea, learn from its use, collect feedback from customers and fine-tune the idea before investing a lot of time and money. Or decide that the idea looked good on paper but is simply lacking demand in the market, and it is not worthwhile investing in.

Vikal can build your prototypes and MVPs to your specifications so you can focus on engaging with your customers and test your ideas.


At Vikal we have all the competence and skills available to build customized software, APIs to expose data online, web portals for internal and external customer interaction and databases to keep your data in a structered and accessible way.

About us

Founded in 2012 we are a small but experienced team of engineers with a broad range of hardware and software skills. Our main focus is to support businesses with our in-depth technical knowledge and test Automation and Internet-of-Things business cases by consulting and prototyping. Since we are a small and lean organization but with all competence in-house we can offer these services for very competitive prices. Another focus area is creating webservices with APIs, Web portals, databases and apps to enable online businesses.

Please contact us for more information and found out how we can also support your business.